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Stay on the safe side

Dangerous goods need to be packaged and labeled correctly to comply with international and national regulations for each transport mode, to ensure they are carried safely. Dangerous goods are classified into different classes and also into different packaging groups (PG). Classes cover goods from the highly dangerous, such as explosives and flammables, to more common everyday products such as paints, solvents, and other chemicals. Together the class and the PG mandate how these goods need to be handled in transportation. And this is where we come in.

Nine classes of dangerous goods

  1. Explosives
  2. Flammable Gases
  3. Flammable Liquids
  4. Flammable solids
  5. Oxidizing substances
  6. Toxic & Infectious substances
  7. Radioactive substances
  8. Corrosives
  9. Miscellaneous dangerous goods

JetLogistics personnel have vast experience shipping and packing dangerous goods, everything from Class 1 explosives to lithium batteries in consumer goods. We’ve carried DGR cargo by air, sea, and road.

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Service Portfolio:

  • Assessment of DGR class
  • Packing & Labeling
  • Consulting of relevant transportation mode
  • Transport via scheduled or charter service 
  • Door-to-door service
  • Customs and administrative paperwork

Peace of Mind with the Right Logistics Partner

We’re happy to help you ensure your cargo shipment is safe and compliant with regulations. We have a ‘Ready For Carriage’ service available for you. With our service, you don’t need to worry about your shipments getting stopped due to wrong packing or markings, and we can also handle all the documentation (e.g. the dangerous goods declaration) and administrative paperwork for you.

If you have any doubts about how to proceed with your shipment, we welcome you to contact us for smooth and safe delivery of your goods. Your shipment is safe with us!