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Project Cargo

Project Cargo (Special Transportation)

Out-of-the-ordinary shipments

Project cargo typically involves transporting large, heavy, high-value, or time/project-critical equipment. The common denominator usually is that it’s high-value, time-critical, or project-critical equipment. 

We’re here to help you with your project cargo transportation. We specialize in project cargo transportation, handling everything from oversized shipments to delicate electronics that require special care. Advanced preparation and meticulous planning are key to ensuring smooth transport of such cargo from start to finish.  JetLogistics has a proven track record in handling challenging project cargo transportation.

Regulations and budgeting

Different countries have varying regulations on customs compliance, documentation, taxation, exemptions, and licenses. We assist clients in navigating these regulatory aspects and managing the budgeting process effectively. Especially in complex project cargo operations, risks need to be minimized or eliminated, and costs kept in control. We know how to do that.

Benefits of using JetLogistics:

  • A team of seasoned experts will consult you and propose different solutions for your transportation needs
  • We focus on safety and security, but we never forget about the price-quality ratio
  • Years of experience with challenging shipments both for the civil sector and the military and defense industries

We at JetLogistics are experts in arranging and facilitating project cargo transports throughout the world. We have access to a wide range of transporting equipment and a vast network of subcontractors to ensure smooth operations throughout the delivery chain. We can transport to destinations that might be hard to reach.  We can be your consultative partner, offer important insights into the cargo design process, suggest different routing options based on the cargo needs, and work on the best suitable option for final delivery. 

We’ll make your challenging project cargo easy!