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Perishables – Temperature-controlled Deliveries

Perishable goods are goods that can easily damage under the influence of time, temperature or transport movement. It can be, for example, food or medicine. Perishables need special care — it’s not just to “ship and forget.” We not only specialize in shipping the goods at the correct temperature, but we can also assist in obtaining the correct packaging and labeling as well as other crucial details that need to be taken care of in transit.

Transporting food items requires expertise

For fresh food producers, supply and delivery chains must work properly to ensure their food arrives fresh and on time. We ensure all delivery chain parties have proper training in food safety and compliance with material handling and storage expertise. Further, the properly refrigerated temperature of the delivery must be maintained and monitored throughout the trip.

Given the need for highly trained professionals, well-maintained refrigerated equipment, and continuous temperature monitoring, producers can shift their products’ transportation from an in-house model to an outsourced transportation model run by JetLogistics.

As an experienced logistics and supply chain partner with decades of experience in the food industry, JetLogistics can increase the food supply chain’s productivity using the latest technology to better plan daily operations.

Safe and Secure Transport of Pharmaceuticals

We can ensure the safe and secure transport of pharmaceutical cargo. This includes medicines, vaccinations, laboratory equipment, protective gear, and technical appliances. With JetLogistics, you can rest assured that your products get where they need to go without delay or damage.

Along with partial loads, we can also offer full aircraft loads. Depending on the mode of transport, we can arrange cooling devices, such as ULDs or sea containers, depending on the need for transport.

The Importance of Delivery Preparation
To prepare for deliveries, the receiving parties need to schedule labor to ensure staffing to load and unload items. As a result, on-time deliveries are critical. JetLogistics helps all parties to prepare to receive deliveries. Follow-up alerts are sent, allowing receiving personnel to get organized and ready for delivery.

Benefits of using JetLogistics:

  • Extensive experience with fresh fish (for example, salmon) and pharmaceuticals
  • Strong understanding of shipping thermo-regulated goods
  • Excellent contacts with air carriers for guaranteed space available
  • Flexible transportation schedule that fits needs
  • The operations team is available 24/7 to take care of your shipment

JetLogistics works with leading fresh food producers and companies that need to transport food and medicine at specific temperatures. These producers need a dependable, versatile partner to handle time-sensitive deliveries and adhere to safety, quality, and requirements.

We are here for you.