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As of 2021, all electricity and district heating used in JetLogistics ground operations at EFHK comes from 100% renewable energy. The CO2 emissions of our business account for approximately 2% of all aviation emissions and 0.04% of global human-made carbon emissions.

JetLogistics has taken steps to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. We follow emission levels annually and optimize our operations and flight planning procedures to minimize fuel consumption in several different ways. Further information and the detailed environmental program we follow are available to our partners upon request.

FRANKLY JETFLITE as part of FRANKLY WIHURI is a promise to ourselves and our stakeholders to be true to our values. Our commitment to serving our business and stakeholders’ needs is guided by the values of openness, reliability, innovativeness, and profitability.

As a family business, we view our employees as our extended family and want them to bring their best selves to work every day. We are dedicated to their self-care, well-being, and career growth.

We feel the responsibility to do right by our planet, ensuring that our business operations give back more than they take. Whether we are working on land, sea, or air, we are responsible for ensuring that the resources and materials we rely on are responsibly sourced.

We are committed to ensuring the fair treatment of all who contribute to the production and distribution of our products across our supply chain. These beliefs guide our journey toward responsible growth. Thus, Frankly Jetflite is a mirror within and a call for dialogue with the surrounding world.