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Air Freight

The mode of choice for speed

We at JetLogistics are experts in Air Freight. As a daughter company of Jetflite, one of the most valued private jet operators in Europe, we know the industry through and through. Nothing is too small, and few things are too large for an aircraft to transport.

Airfreight is the mode of transportation to use when time is of the essence, and the value of your shipment is significant. We can source anything from a Saab 340 turboprop to an Antonov 225 Mriya. We use air freight for many of our products, including AOG Solutions, On Board Courier, Perishables, and Special Shipments.

With excellent industry contacts, we can get your shipment on scheduled services with one of many flag carriers in Europe. As an IATA Cargo Agent and FIATA member, we guarantee good connectivity throughout Europe and the world.

When the mission requires a full charter, Jetflite will arrange an entire aircraft dedicated for the carriage of your cargo, providing you with absolute control and visibility of your shipment at all times. We also always consider partial charters as an alternative. When a shipment doesn’t fill an entire aircraft, the charter can be shared with other customers, providing cost-efficient transport. Our extensive network of carriers operating worldwide, with their respective competencies, allows us to quickly find the best innovative solutions for project cargo and ad-hoc requests.

Some of the aircraft that we can source at short notice include:
Saab 340, Saab 2000
Boeing 737-400 Cargo, Boeing 767 Cargo, Boeing 747-400 Freighter
Antonow 124, Antonow 225 Mriya
Ilyushin Il-76

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