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Project Cargo

Mastering Military Logistics: The JetLogistics Case Study

JetLogistics efficiently handled the transportation of NATO heavy vehicles and troops within Estonia for the large-scale military exercise, Spring Storm 2024, held from May 6 to 17. This exercise focused on planning and executing military operations to enhance cooperation between Estonian and allied units, featuring participants from 15 nations.

The Complexity of Military Exercises

This project involved moving troops, tanks, artillery, and armoured vehicles within Estonia. Such operations required exceptional coordination, flexibility, and expertise due to the dynamic nature of military logistics, where situations can change rapidly.

Reelika Mõttus, Head of Government & Defence sector at JetLogistics, explained, “If we agree that tomorrow I need 40 vehicles to deliver these heavy vehicles from point A to point B, everything might change within an hour because the exercise is changing.”

Deflog personnel making sure truck transportation goes smoothly.
Vehicles needed to have empty fuel tanks during transportation to minimize the risk of fire or explosion.

This required the JetLogistics team to remain highly adaptable. Plans might need to be frequently adjusted to meet shifting requirements, so the team must have the ability to operate under pressure and adapt swiftly to new scenarios.

Tackling Logistical Challenges

Securing the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with Estonian regulations for oversized and heavy cargo was a significant challenge. JetLogistics collaborated closely with the Estonian Defense Forces’ Host Nation Support to facilitate smooth operations. This partnership was crucial for obtaining rapid approvals and coordinating armed escorts for vehicles carrying military equipment, ensuring all regulatory requirements were met efficiently. 

”Estonian transportation authorities worked with us to provide permits through priority channels within a very short period, which was essential for the timely movement of equipment.” Reelika Mõttus, Head of Government & Defence sector at JetLogistics

One major challenge was the limited availability of heavy transport vehicles in Estonia. JetLogistics had to utilise local resources creatively. The JetLogistics team is well-connected and, when necessary, they can also arrange equipment from neighbouring countries like Finland. But in this case, they were able to gather the required equipment from Estonia. Additionally, meticulous route planning was essential to navigate Estonia’s infrastructure, avoiding routes unsuitable for heavy vehicles and ensuring safe and efficient transportation. This planning included considering bridges and tunnels to ensure they could support the weight and size of the vehicles.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Transporting military equipment involves inherent risks, necessitating stringent security measures. Vehicles needed to have empty fuel tanks during transportation to minimize the risk of fire or explosion. Robust security measures, including armed escorts, were crucial for vehicles with mounted weapons. This required coordinated efforts with military police and security companies to ensure safe and secure transit. 

JetLogistics ensured all drivers were thoroughly vetted by Estonian security services and possessed ADR certification for handling dangerous goods. This approach helped mitigate risks, maintaining the integrity of the operation and the safety of all personnel involved. “All our drivers are checked by Estonian security services to ensure complete safety,” emphasized Mõttus.

Leveraging Experience and Expertise

This case study highlights JetLogistics’ capabilities in managing complex military transportation projects. The project involved transporting various types of heavy military equipment, including CV90s and vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns like the Browning. Tanks transported could weigh up to 65 tons. The company also handled troop transportation, such as delivering US Navy Seals within Estonia as part of the same exercise. This illustrates JetLogistics’ capability to manage both equipment and personnel logistics efficiently. Overall, the project involved moving over 40 heavy vehicles, with operations involving equipment worth approximately half a million euros. 

JetLogistics’ ability to maintain strict confidentiality and a low profile throughout the project was paramount. With a deep understanding of such operations’ demands, they coordinated complex movements and managed the logistics of heavy and oversized vehicles effectively. This expertise was supported by strong partnerships and a network of reliable carriers, ensuring high standards were maintained throughout the project. Constant coordination with NATO and Estonian Defense Forces’ Host Nation Support ensured all movements were well-organized and securely executed. “Having experienced personnel and solid partners is crucial. Our team knows exactly what they’re doing, which makes all the difference,” said Mõttus. 

”Having experienced personnel and solid partners is crucial. Our team knows exactly what they’re doing, which makes all the difference.” Reelika Mõttus, JetLogistics

JetLogistics’ extensive experience in military logistics was critical to the project’s success. Their ability to adapt to dynamic requirements, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain high standards of security and safety underscores their team’s expertise. The successful completion of this project highlights JetLogistics’ proficiency in managing complex military transportation operations, showcasing its capability to meet NATO’s demanding logistical needs.