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JetLogistics Believes in Dynamic and People-Oriented Customer Service

JetLogistics offers a wide range of logistics services in all modes of transport. The company’s success is largely based on an agile, adaptable approach that focuses on customers’ needs.

JetLogistics offers a wide range of logistics services. It utilizes all modes of transport, with particular expertise in air transport. Niklas Busk, the Head of Unit in the company, sees logistics services as all about understanding the needs of the customer. “Very few of our services are bought directly off the shelf. Instead, we start with what the customer needs and what challenges they have.”

Small size and agility bring flexibility to the operations

The major competitive advantage for the company is its agility compared to larger players. For example, transport is not tied to specific trunk lines, so services can be built dynamically to suit each customer. JetLogistics’ agility combined with the vast global network makes up a winning combination, enabling quick reactions to any situation and decision-making on the go.

A partner for challenging sectors

JetLogistics’ three most important customer groups, the defense industry, manufacturing industry, and food industry, have a common denominator: the need for specialized expertise and precision.

“For the defense industry, a certain level of expertise is required, for example, in the permitting process, something we have long experience of. In the food industry, we are also often selected as a partner when precision is required, such as ensuring the right temperatures in temperature-controlled deliveries,” Busk explains.

On the manufacturing side, JetLogistics handles the transport of large equipment, for example. In addition, some customers in the industrial sector outsource their logistics entirely to the company. In this case, JetLogistics provides a designated person to be responsible for the flow of goods.

Customer service requires the right people

Busk sees that in an industry dominated by large players, the importance of personal service is growing. JetLogistics, therefore, wants to be close to the customer and offer effortless communication and visibility into the progress of the shipment.

“We can offer customers in the defense industry, for example, a greater sense of control. There are no black holes in the supply chain where the customer doesn’t know where their goods are moving,” he says.

Busk believes that while digitalization is advancing, the importance of human contact between companies will only increase. This is why the role of skilled employees is also critical. “Our people are the key to this and our most important asset,” concludes Busk.

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