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DEFLOG – Highly Specialized Service Concept for Defence Logistics

What is DEFLOG?

With all of its challenges, we are one of the most experienced logistics providers in handling MoDs (Ministry of Defense) and the defence industry. For this purpose, we operate a specialized service called DEFLOG. DEFLOG specializes in defense logistics solutions and transport for militaries and the defence industry.

Deflog is a JetLogistics service concept, and it combines all the best qualities of three Wihuri Aviation business units (JetLogisticsJetflite, and Euroflite). Deflog offers customized transportation and logistics services provided by a team of core professionals. Our strengths are a high level of understanding of the defence industry requirements, experienced & skilled personnel, close cooperation with other Wihuri Aviation business units, and a reliable partner network.

What Makes Defence Logistics Unique?

Defense logistics can be described as the processes, resources, and systems involved in generating, transporting, and redeploying or reallocating both materiel and personnel. It can be complex and demanding, often due to the dynamic nature of its operations and the need for added security and reliability during transportation. Well-functioning defence logistics is an essential element of national security. Experience, a deep understanding of the subject, and a precise skill set are needed to properly execute transport operations successfully for the defence industry.

Military and defence logistics have their own special characteristics. There’s usually a mix of fixed and mobile locations that demands the readiness of the logistics operator to operate both local and global destinations. There’s also a need to be flexible in responding to operational changes as they arise.

What Do You Get from DEFLOG?

The Deflog service concept offers solutions for crew rotation, medical evacuation, and challenging cargo. As one of the most experienced logistics providers to handle MoDs and the defence industry, we can provide e.g., coordination on behalf or as support for the host nation). Host Nation Support (HNS) covers the practical measures taken to support, for example, the activities of the international force participating in an international exercise in a specific country. In practice, this support consists of various services like fuel distribution, transport, lodging, procurement, storage, etc.

Our host nation support is a complete package handling all preplanning and executing the services, including assisting with SOR (statement of requirements) if needed. We’re no stranger to RSOM either, so with Deflog, you know that your troops and equipment are in good hands, and they are properly received and further delivered with our hand-picked partner network.

Release your resources and focus on your core competence with our high-level transportation and logistics services. We can provide your organization with the little extra that makes the difference. Deflog is undoubtedly one of the Defense Logistics industry’s best players.