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Case Story: Shipping Fish to the World

Thermoregulated transport and food in logistics

Transporting perishables, like fish, requires expertise. Fresh fish and fish products need to be quickly processed, packed, and transported using appropriate tools and techniques. A logistics partner must be on top of these to provide quality service to their customers. One of Jetlogistics’ customers in the perishable goods sector is Kalaneuvos Oy.

Kalaneuvos is a traditional Finnish family-run business that processes, imports, exports, sells, and wholesales fish to wholesale customers as well as catering wholesalers and other operators in both the domestic and international markets. High-quality products and being on the cutting edge of the industry are their core values. “We select carefully both the raw materials we use and the partners we work with.” Kalaneuvos wants to provide high-quality, Nordic fish products to the global markets. Transportation also has a role in the fulfillment of this customer promise.

Trustworthiness is a desired feature in a logistics partner

We interviewed Elena Vinogradova, an export sales professional at Kalaneuvos, about their cooperation with Jetlogistics. “It has gone very well right from the beginning. Things have always been taken care of and on schedule.” Vinogradova especially appreciates Jetlogistics people for their open communication style, great price-quality ratio, and delivery of their promises.

A trustful partnership between a logistics partner and a customer adds value to the entire logistics chain. Reliable logistics partner always acts in the interests of their customers and ensure that the products leave at the agreed schedule, and are transported appropriately to the destination. Swiftly executed thermoregulated transports help to secure fresh and high-quality products for end customers. With the help of a successful logistics chain, the products will be of excellent quality and delicious upon arrival, just as promised by Kalaneuvos.

Time pressure and perishable goods bring challenges to logistics

When asked about how they feel about the collaboration, Vinogradova describes the Jetlogistics point of contact as “A level-headed and pleasant person. Very professional.” A service-minded attitude and quick response time bring added value to cooperation. Jetlogistics has acted professionally throughout the relationship and responded promptly to customer requests.

Vinogradova points out that open and honest communications help in maintaining peace of mind. As a customer, you want to know and trust that things are moving forward as agreed and your goods are taken care of. When transporting thermoregulated goods, the temperature must be within the given limits throughout the whole transport chain and the goods must arrive on time.

The transportation partner has to understand the transportation needs of the customer and the products. And they need to understand them so well that they know which transportation solutions may and may not work. Of course, the transportation equipment must also be up-to-date and suitable for particular goods like perishables.

Dealing with challenging situations requires a lot of communication

The current global situation concerning covid19 has also brought challenges to the logistics industry and transportation. In many cases transportation prices are rising, there are no containers or flights available and other issues arise. The current situation requires even more forecasting for export shipments.

A reliable transport partner in such times is even more valuable and growing in importance. It is paramount that you receive honest and up-to-date communication from your transportation partner. The customer wants to know in good time whether there might be cancellations in view, or if the goods will be shipped forward at the intended time.

Also, some sticky situations may come up, in which the customer or the transportation partner has little to no influence. For example, an airline may suddenly cancel flights, or another airline may decide not to carry food items, etc. In such situations, to help solve these challenges, a reliable logistics partner is vital for exports. Transparency and honesty are the keywords of cooperation.

The hallmarks of good service in such situations are an active search for alternative solutions and open communication. The customer expects the transportation partner to provide some solution for the situation. Can a different transportation channel be used or are there some other possibilities for a solution? It is important for the customer’s daily work that the transport partner keeps the customer up to date with proactive communication. “Our transport partner is on our side and will do their best to get the optimal outcome for us. It is crucial and meaningful in cooperation.

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