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Courier Driver

On Board Courier

Dedicated delivery

Sometimes your shipments need extra care as they go from shipper to consignee. Whether it includes important documents or critical parts for a manufacturer that need to be handed over personally, we have dedicated persons with passports and visas ready to collect your shipment and get it to the intended receiver themselves. This is the safest way to secure delivery and to know exactly where your goods are.

Some of the benefits of our On Board Courier services:
  • Flexibility— we are ready where and when you need us.
  • Reliable— we commit to a delivery time and do everything to provide on time.
  • Reachability— we are available to you 24 / 7 via our call center.
  • Tracking — we can tell you at any time where your shipment is.
Service examples:
  • AOG parts for aircraft
  • Small to large machine parts and equipment
  • Textiles and other fashion items
  • Documents
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