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Customer Industries

We take care of any form of transportation or logistics need for a multitude of different clients. Whether it be an important machine part that needs transporting from Scandinavia to the US or a 100-ton turbine from Asia to Central Europe, we can support our clients.

We support the automotive industry with efficient and effective solutions, including transporting one-off shipments or continuous logistics chains. Tight production timelines do not allow much time for delays or mishaps; if they do occur, we are able to help at a moment’s notice. No matter how small or large the part, we can transport it!
Products: Dangerous Goods, Logistics Processes, Special Shipments

Keeping multimillion-dollar aircraft serviceable is highly important. For us, your fleet’s serviceability is a priority. Moving spare parts for jets and planes throughout the world is normal day-to-day business, with just one thing in mind: to get it back in the air.
Products: AOG Solutions, On Board Courier, Remote Destinations, Special Shipments

In the defense industry, delivering on your promises, even under special conditions, is key. We excel at achieving the most challenging missions, especially for the defense industry. With the support of Deflog, one of the Defense Logistics industry’s best players, we can produce specialized transport services.
Products: Military and Defense Logistics, Remote Destinations

Transporting electronics requires special care, due to the value and fragility of the goods. At JetLogistics, we provide turnkey solutions for the shipment of different kinds of electronics, independent of requirements.
Products: On Board Courier, Special Shipments

Within the constantly developing world, healthcare is becoming more and more important. Transport of medical equipment and protective gear needs predictability and efficiency. For this, we are the ideal partner.
Product: Pharma

We are available when the transportation need is significant and weight and volume are excessive. This is especially the case when dealing with industrial applications. We are experts in arranging and facilitating project cargo transports throughout the world.
Products: Remote Destinations, Special Shipments

Perishable items cannot be delayed and require excellent planning and predictability in their transportation solutions. We have experience transporting all kinds of fresh produce throughout the world, including one of our favorites, fresh salmon.
Product: Perishables

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