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Air cargo is our specialty

Air Cargo

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, air cargo has been vital in keeping global supply chains functioning.

JetLogistic’s expertise covers multiple or single shipments and a wide range of freight volume and cargo value. It can mean equipment being transported from point A to point B or various destinations over a period of time. Even though our specialty is air cargo, transportation can be combined with land or sea transportation and can involve trucks, rail, cranes, ships, barges in addition to planes.

Air Cargo is all about attention to detail

Thorough planning is crucial to efficient operations. Maintaining efficiency in such complex cargo operations eliminates risks and reduces costs.

Understanding cargo requirements and incorporating certain practices into the project process will prevent common problems, reduce risk, and result in the best possible outcome as companies complete their project shipment requirements.

Preplanning and Execution

Successful project transportation practices require a smart planning process starting from the preliminary stages. This can have a direct effect on avoiding extra costs for transportation, duties, and taxes. It requires expertise to provide a detailed projection of cost. Some cargoes can be precious. Choosing a provider with a proven record of success in the transportation of project cargo is a must.

Airfreight regulations vary

Regulations vary between countries regarding customs compliance, documentation, taxation, duties, exemptions, licenses, and many other considerations. An analysis from a project cargo expert can help companies with all the regulative and budgeting processes. A project cargo expert can provide important insights into the cargo design process, study the routing options based on the cargo’s designed size, and work on the best option for final delivery.

A project cargo expert can also advise dimensional and weight restrictions upon completing a survey by going through several variables through transportation to achieve successful performance and the utmost optimization during the shipment.

The execution of project cargo needs to be as detail-oriented as the pre-planning stage. The air cargo transportation provider carefully executes the pre-planned procedure according to transit time, delivery obligations, and other requirements, maintaining accountability, proactive communication, and transparency throughout the operation.

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